National Park {f14d00822bc3ae4638d7c1c92483b4651581bfe0a27b82aee7e499a45b8e8ace}22Repose zone of Ukok{f14d00822bc3ae4638d7c1c92483b4651581bfe0a27b82aee7e499a45b8e8ace}22{f14d00822bc3ae4638d7c1c92483b4651581bfe0a27b82aee7e499a45b8e8ace}22 and the gorge of Karagem-Argut

TRIP DESCRIPTION: The Ukok plateau is a dive into the world of the virgin nature and the powerful energy. To reach the Plateau the road runs along the beautiful highway of Siberia – Chuisky highway. The journey impresses with its elegant landscapes, splendid countryside and mysterious places.

The Ukok plateau is a high, beautiful mountains with a maximum height of 4 374. Tour to Ukok plateau by ATV will begin with safety instructions and distribution of equipment. The route starts from Kosh-Agach to the village of Dzhazator (140 km). Tour to Ukok plateau is along  the border area and participants will pass the check on the way.

The assistance of our team will manage all the duties of the day from navigation to camp preparation and any other need in such situation. The trip is indicated for real explorers in good health conditions that can adapt to the virgin area totally wild and with no human establishment on the way. Not extreme conditions but good capacity to adapt to this kind of trip.

JOURNEY to Ukok Plateau – ALTAI mountains by ATV

Journey by ATV   1/7-10/7 * 11/7-21/7 * 22/7-1/8 * 2/8-12/8 * 13/8-23/8

Informazioni generaliLa differenza di ora con l'Italia è di 4 ore
Detttagli di voloVoli: Moscow-Gorno-Altaisk e Gorno-Altaisk -Moscow
La lunghezza totale del percorso è di circa 350 km
Durata del viaggio 8 giorni
Numero di partecipanti 5-10 ATV (loading one truck 6 ATV ) + 2 ATV – tour leader, un interprete e un meccanico assistente
Equipaggiamento Mezzi ATV (QUAD)

Trip scheduling

Day 1 Arrival at the river, setting a camp, dinner, first fishing - grayling, building ships, dinner and songs around the campfire, time to go to bed is not regulated
Day 210:00 Breakfast, equipment of the boats to sail, disassembling the camp and at 12: 00 departure - START 15-00 - lunch (lunch box and hot tea) - 1.5 h, fishing 20-00 - Parking for the night, setting camp 21-30 - dinner based on the catch of the day. The sun nevr goers down int the first part of July
Days 3 4 5 6 Similar scheduling of day 2 but with some short excursions on land
Day 7 9:00 Breakfast, 13:00 hot lunch, 17:00 landing and disassembling of the boats. 21-00 – Farewell camp fire, singing, dancing, celebrating the end of the rafting and the last night of the traveling
Day 88:00 Breakfast, dismantling of the camp, food, packing equipment. 9:30 Arrival of helicopter for flight to Toura. Arrival and check in for Krasnoyarsk at 13:30 with Antonov 26. Flight for Moscow at 21:00 and arrival in Moscow at 22:00. Hotel accommodation.

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