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Russia Trekking, in agreement with Wrangel Island- State Nature Reserve located north of  Chukotka region, is in charge to select a strictly limited number of visitors, true lovers of pure and wild nature, for exploring one of the most untouched and amazing islands on earth. The access to the island it is possible only for two maximum weeks at the end of August.

The agreement permits to have a tour of the Island with the local rangers with all the precautions to avoid any interference with the wildlife that can be observed with caution.  

Proposed Itinerary to Wrangel Island

Day 1, Wednesday, Moscow Arrival in Moscow. Meeting at the airport with the assistant and transfer to the hotel. Dinner in a local restaurant. Meeting the participants of the expedition. First instructions and discussions of the expedition.

Day 2, Thursday, Moscow-Pevek 12.00 Check-out the hotel. Transfer to the airport. 14.45 Flight to Pevek (Chukotka region). The flight takes 10 hours 45 minutes. Delays are possible due to weather conditions in Pevek.

Day 3, Friday Pevek 10.25 Arrival in Pevek. Transfer to the local hotel “Pevek”. Preparations for the expedition. Short city tour. Buying the last things for the expedition.

Day 4, Saturday, Pevek – Wrangel island Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the helicopter airport. Due to weather conditions, the time is settled. Flight to Wrangel Island. The flight takes 3 hours. On the way the helicopter lands to refuel. Then continues the way. In the afternoon arrival on the Wrangel island. On the helicopter field, the English speaking rangers meet the group. transfer to the base “Neozhidanaya” by ATV. Accommodation in the house of rangers. Safety briefing and instructions, general walking excursion with the rangers. Dinner. (Fires are strictly forbidden on the island). The meal is cooked on the small gas primus). Overnight at “Neozhidanaya” camp base.

Day 5, Sunday Wrangel Island Breakfast in the camp. The expedition goes to the western part of the island. Along the river Kamnesharki to the watershed with the left tributary of the river Gussinaya (Goose river) – to the camp station Nizhnaya Gusinaya. Lunch at the base. Then the expedition continues the way down the stream of the river Gusinaya – a turn along the shore to the Komsomol lake. On the way stop on the cape Rookery Overnight in the base “Komsomol”. Dinner at the camp

Day 6, Monday, Wrangel island Breakfast in the camp. From the camp station Komsomol along the Western Valley to the mouth of the river Melkaya (Shallow river) – up the valley and then by the pass to the river Bolshoy Pritok (Big Tributary). Packed lunch on the way. Then the expedition moves down the river Tundrovaya and then to the stream Balkovy – up the steam to the camp station Tundrovy Peak (Tundra peak). Dinner at the camp. Overnight at the camp Tundrovy Peak.

Day 7, Tuesday Wrangel Island: Tundrovy peak–Kit mountain Breakfast in the camp. The day is very active with walks by foot and moving by ATV. The group travels to the surroundings of Tundrovaya mountain and excursion to Kit mountain. Packed lunch is on the way. In the evening return to the camp Tundrovy Peak. Dinner. Overnight in the camp.

Day 8, Wednesday, Wrangel Island: Tundrovy Peak – Krasny Flag camp Breakfast in the camp. Long day for travelling along the river Verkhnaya Neizvestnaya. The way lays of the place of snow owls and white foxes. Lunch on the way. In the evening the group arrives at Krasny Flag (Red flag) station camp. Dinner at the camp. Overnight.

Day 9, Thursday Wrangel Island: Krasny Flag camp – Waring Cape. Breakfast in the camp. Start the way to the most eastern point of the island. Waring Cape. About 60 km. The Waring cape Is well known by the great number of bird rookery. You also can see walruses laying on the shore. If we are lucky we can also see a big number of white bears. Dinner and overnight at the camp station “Waring”.

Day 10, Friday Wrangel Island: Waring Cape. Breakfast at the camp. Exploring is around Cape Waring. Lunch is on the way. Dinner at the camp. Overnight at the camp station Waring.

Day 11, Saturday, Wrangel Island: Waring CapeSomnitelnaya camp station (84 rm) Breakfast at the camp. Start long way to cape Somnitelnaya. Lunch is on the way. Late evening arrival in camp Somnitelnaya. Dinner at the camp.

Day 12, Sunday Wrangel Island: Somnitelnaya cape. Breakfast in the camp. Exploring area around camp Somnitelnaya. This area is known as the autumn concentration of reindeer and musk oxen. Traditional autumn place of formation of a rookery of walruses; a favourite area of concentration of polar bears in autumn; the concentration of white and pink gulls on autumn migration; Overnight in the camp station “Somnitelnaya”. Dinner in the camp.

Day 13, Monday Wrangel Island: Somnitelnaya camp- Neozhidanaya camp (80 km) Breakfast in the camp. Expedition moves to Neozhidanaya camp. The way lays along the river Mammoth. The island is the last world place of the mammoth on the Earth. Overnight in the camp Neozhidanaya. Dinner in the camp.

Day 14, Tuesday, Wrangel Island: Neozhidanaya camp Due to the weather forecast and condition possible flight by helicopter to Pevek. If the weather conditions are bad the flight moves 1 day further.

Day 15, Wednesday Pevek town. Leisure in Pevek town. In the evening farewell dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in Pevek.

Day 16, Thursday Pevek-Moscow Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow. Flight delays are possible due to weather conditions. Departure 1240 arrival in Moscow at 14:30. Flight time is 10:50.

Period of expedition: End of August

Price on demand.