Responsible Tourism Policy

Russia Trekking has projected all its trips taking full responsibility in term of total respect of the nature, wildlife an local population and here we declare our Responsible Tourism Policy.

We want to show to our Guests the beauty of the destinations preserving the integrity of the eco-system and giving economic opportunities to the local population.

More specifically:

  • We give priority to any form of traveling that reduce to minimum the use of cars, trucks and any other gasoline based form of transport
  • We prefer the use of accomodations that respect nature and have a responsible policy of management of waste
  • We respect the wildlife and, when necessary in remote locations, we practice fishing for the only need of the day
  • We do not leave any non biological waste during travelling on ground and water paths and after camps
  • We give our contribution preserving the nature, the historical and archelogical sites and educating our Guests to the local habits and nature respect

The Russia Trekking Team

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