Putorana Rafting

TRIP DESCRIPTION: The trip in Putorana with Russia Trekking permits to visit one of the last virgin area of the world located in the north central area of Siberia. The weather in the period we propose the trip, July-August, is quite acceptable with a range of temperatures during the day from 15 to 25 Celsius and in the night from 5 to 15 Celsius. In this period of the year there is alway sun because the latitude.

The starting point of the trip is quite far away from the last inhabited village that is about 2,5 hours of helicopter fly. The trip is the exploration of the area with two special catamarans assisted by two inflatable boats with motor. We will descend the river Kotui for about 300 kms in 8 days. In some places it will be possible to make short walks to see the area and panorama nearby the camp. We will have professional fishing equipment to fish in the rivers and in the lakes we will cross and fresh fish will be in our menus everyday.

The assistance of our team will manage all the duties of the day from navigation to camp preparation and any other need in such situation. The trip is indicated for real explorers in good health conditions that can adapt to the virgin area totally wild and with no human establishment on the way. Not extreme conditions but good capacity to adapt to this kind of trip.

The Putorana Plateau rafting description

Rafting on Kotui river   Dates to be adviced

General Info• The difference in time with Moscow is + 4 hours.
Flight details• Flights: Moscow-Norilsk and Toura-Krasnoyarsk-Moscow
• Flight time up to the beginning of rafting by helicopter Mi-8 – ~ 2.5
• Flight time from the end of the rafting to Toura on the helicopter Mi-8 - ~2.5 hours
Itinerary lenght• The total length of the route is ~300 km on river Kotui that is about 1.400 kms long
Tour duration• 8 days
Number of Participants • Number of participants – 7 tourists + 5 (- l+2 guide-assistant+chef+interpreter)
Equipment• 2 special inflatble boats , 2 catamaran + Japanese boat motors
Program description and rafting schedule:The group flies from Moscow to Norilsk at the night time. In the early morning arrival in Norilsk and transfer from airport “Alykel” to helicopter airport “Valek” (time on the way is 1 hour). At the Norilsk airport (Alykel) the group passes passport control and checking the permit to visit this area for foreign tourists. If the weather is suitable for flights (in Norilsk in the first half of the day, some fog and low clouds is often) the group flies by helicopter Mi-8 to the starting point of the rafting on the river Kotui. The airport is 50 km from the Putorana plateau in tundra lowlands. The flight will pass over the Putorana plateau and tourists will able to see this Grand spectacle of canyons and waterfalls with the birds’ height from the helicopter window. The helicopter lands near one of the biggest waterfalls. The stop lasts for 20 minutes to take pictures. Also during the flight through the open windows, tourists will be able to take pictures and do video of beautiful views and hundreds of waterfalls of Putorana plateau.
The helicopter lands on the upper part of the river Kotui. This stop is located in the heart of the unique Putorana Plateau – basalt mountains rugged for millions of years by numerous canyons. ????? ?? ?? human habitation and human settlements nor during the flight or in landing there. There no roads or villages around for hundreds of miles. The helicopters flies away as soon as the equipment and the passengers unload.
The assistants make the camp on the bank of the river, organize the campfire and the kitchen. It takes about 1 1.5 hours. Participants can start fishing immediately after arrival. Grayling catches at that place perfectly. As soon as the set the camp, the group of assistants start prepare the boats for rafting.
Inflatable catamarans with modern Japanese motors use on the river and starts from its source to the Arctic circle in a beautiful wide canyon. Rare low trees grow only on the coastal strip of the river up to 100-300 meters from the water's edge. A specialized company makes catamarans by individual order. The catamarans are specially made to conquer the rivers with rapid water 5 categories of complexity. The river Kotui, which will be held our rafting, is the 2nd category of complexity.
The river for rafting is not difficult, in the beginning of the rout. The width of the river is 30 m. The river current is calm, but there are rifts. There are rock walls with deep wells under them where fish likes to flow. The group stops for fishing and lunch aat such places. The route crosses two lakes with a length of 35 and 55km. During the rafting on the banks it is possible to meet Siberian taiga animals – a bear, moose, deer, wolf, Wolverine. Also it is possible to meet ducks and loons, and in some places on the river graylag geese. Trout, whitefish and grayling are down in the lake Dyupkun. Pike, burbot and perch caught in many lakes of Plateau. Arctic char, brown trout and sockeye red salmon fish, and fish round whitefish, and broad whitefish are in Dyupkun lake and Kharpicha
The route ends at the river below the confluence of Katui river to Godon River. Helicopter Mi8 takes the group from the pointed place and transfer to Toura village . Satellite phone is used to contact the helicopter crew. The village of Toura is the capital of the Evenk Region. The group flies to Krasnoyars and then to Moscow.
Rafting schedule
Day 1 Arrival at the river, setting a camp, dinner, first fishing - grayling, building ships, dinner and songs around the campfire, time to go to bed is not regulated
Day 210:00 Breakfast, equipment of the boats to sail, disassembling the camp and at 12: 00 departure - START 15-00 - lunch (lunch box and hot tea) - 1.5 h, fishing 20-00 - Parking for the night, setting camp 21-30 - dinner based on the catch of the day. The sun nevr goers down int the first part of July
Days 3 4 5 6 Similar scheduling of day 2 but with some short excursions on land
Day 7 9:00 Breakfast, 13:00 hot lunch, 17:00 landing and disassembling of the boats. 21-00 – Farewell camp fire, singing, dancing, celebrating the end of the rafting and the last night of the traveling
Day 88:00 Breakfast, dismantling of the camp, food, packing equipment. 9:30 Arrival of helicopter for flight to Toura. Arrival and check in for Krasnoyarsk at 13:30 with Antonov 26. Flight for Moscow at 21:00 and arrival in Moscow at 22:00. Hotel accommodation.

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