Ukok Plateau - Altai Mountains

South Center Siberia

Ukok Plateau – In the Kingdom of Pazyryk Princess

About 20 years ago the russian archeologist Natalia Polosmak discovered in the permafrost of Ukok plateau somthing extraordinary. A mummy perfectly preserved of about 2500 years ago in a burial site. The princess was sourronded by six horses completely saddled and caparisoned in addition to other several objects.

Ukok Plateau

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Ukok Plateau

Pazyryk people, described by Erodhotus in the IV century BC, is a misterious population of which there are not anymore residual tracks in the actual local inhabitants. A particularity of the Princess was the fact to have sophisticated tatoos all over her body as the two warriors buried in the same place.

Ukok Plateau

Ukok Plateu is located in the area of Altai Mountains at the crossing of boundaries of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. The plateau is about 2000/2500 mts high and here there are mountains about 500/600 meters high. The highest is Khüiten Peak that reaches 4374 meters.

This steppe can be considered the perfect environment where were living mammoths before disappearing. The climate of the Ukok severe. Winter lasts for 8-9 months, and spring begins in June. However, to get to the plateau by car is possible only at the end of June, when the snow melts from the surrounding Ukok passes. Summer daytime temperatures on the plateau +15…+25 but the continental climate causes a large difference between day and night temperatures. The nights are usually cold, +5…+7 degrees C.


Ukok Plateau

In 1994, at this place contemporary nature reserve was created, but very soon this place was given the status of natural Park on a regular basis, and it got the name “Repose zone of Ukok”. The total area amounted to more than 250 thousand hectares. In 1998 the Ukok plateau was included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Such a status it acquired because of the unique natural formations. For example, the Park is home to over 30 species of animals are listed as endangered, and 16 species of plants from the same book, with fully Nature Park Ukok has not yet been studied.

The whole Park is divided into three different areas, which have different rules.

Zone A – is totally protected area which permits only the maintenance of a solely scientific research activity, any other activities within the territories are prohibited. The area is about 27 000 hectars.

Zone B – area with restricted zone, which provides maximum conservation of natural sites and monuments of historical and cultural heritage. It is forbidden any activity that may disturb the existing of natural landscape. The size of this area is about 39 000 hectares.

Zone C – Area where various tourist and economic activity is allowed but that does not violate prevailing in the space environment and does not damage the natural environment. The area is 187 000 hectars.

Our company allowed getting permissions to attend all three zones.

Ukok Plateau

Ukok plateau is inhabited by various species of animals and birds, some of which are listed of international protection: snow leopard, Mongolian mountain sheep (argali), brown bear, Siberian ibex, wolf, Fox, marmot-bobac, red deer, ROE deer, elk, swans, variety of ducks, Indian goose and other. During the tour tourists are able to see some animals and birds.